Gun o' Clock: Bandai's new alarm clock has a death wish

Japan seems to have a soft spot for weird alarm clocks. First the fly-away alarm clock, now this: At the end of October, Bandai will start offering an awesome alarm clock that can only be silenced with a special gun that will be sold along with it.

The so-called Gun o’ Clock has two modes: In the time mode, the clock will wake users up with a normal alarm sound but also a voice message (“Come on!”, in English). Then, a shooting mark will pop out of the clock’s body. Only if the still sleepy user takes the infra-red gun into his hands and shoots the mark the beeping and taunting will stop.

In the time attack mode, users must shoot the mark in a given time frame and get praised by the clock (“Excellent”) in case they manage to hit the bull’s eye.

Unfortunately, there is no word from Bandai yet regarding a possible release outside Japan. But in this country, the gun and clock set will cost $34. It will be only available for users aged 15 or older.