RED looking to crush the DSLR market?

Looks like it, according to CEO Jimbo. What RED does is a little over my head, but I know they do some crazy RAW compression and shoot in 5K, Epic, or something ridiculous like that. It’s superduberjuber high definition. Check out Jimbo’s little message to the RED forums and let your mind drift into some dream world where this news will make you happy. Down there like it does for Devin. ROFL.

The primary advantage to RED is REDCODE. Compressed RAW at over 23.976 fps. This is a core invention of RED that’s full effects have not been seen yet.

The secondary advantage of RED is our sensor program. Some could argue that this is number one.

Mysterium “Monstro” is a sensor program that pushes the envelope past anything on the horizon. It will go into Epic, and another camera aimed squarely at the DSLR market. Epic ships with Mysterium-X and has a free upgrade to Monstro.

Scarlet has been talked about extensively. It is a 3K, 120fps camera with a built-in 8X zoom that starts at 28mm (full frame still 35mm) wide angle. The T-stop will be “at least” as published.

We have a couple of other “tricks up our sleeves”. The important message is that we are just getting started.