PAX 2008: Freezepop plays "The Final Countdown"

You hear that rumble? Thats an army of geeks, gettin’ down so damn hard that the very walls around us were beginning to crumble.

Okay, fine – it’s just a nasty bit of clipping caused by the compact-car sized subwoofers lining the edges of the stage. They were inescapable. Wherever we stood, it was like the subs were in our camera. Sounded amazing in person; on film, not quite as nice.

Read on for impressions of the set and a shot of the crowd showing off their gadget collection.

Freezepop tore the friggin’ house down, covering all the crowd favorites. At one point, the band asked for the stage lights to be dimmed so as to let the crowd show the love using the displays of any gadgets they had on hand, lighters-during-a-power-ballad style. While that in itself isn’t too rare of an occurence at concerts, there’s a key difference here: where as the average concert goer generally rocks one, maaaybe two gadgets a time, PAX attendees carry more like 5. Just about every attendee had both hands illuminated. Add in the fact that about 50% of the hands were filled with the DS with its double-hitter display setup, and it was a sea of swaying lights unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Pictures don’t do the gadget-driven light show justice, but take a gander anyways: