Replica Star Wars Landspeeder looks amazing, works


Here’s a landspeeder built by a guy who really doesn’t want to be mistaken for Joey Fatone. The guy in the photo (which we used without permission) is actually Joey Fatone. The guy who built the landspeeder, Daniel Deutsch, sent us numerous e-mails demanding that we either correct the post (which originally alluded to the idea that Joey Fatone either built the landspeeder or Daniel Deutsch looked a lot like Joey Fatone) or take it down. He also reminded us each time that we used his image without permission. I updated the post twice to reflect that Deutsch and Fatone are two different people, but Deutsch asked that I remove the text because “that is not what people see when they skim headlines” and he’s “gotten emails asking about this even after the update.” So I’ve removed all the original text and retyped the post with this information, which has little to do with the actual Landspeeder itself.

Hope this clears things up.

See more photos here and read up on how fair use works here.

[via Newlaunches]