Penny Arcade Expo 2008: We're here!

Good morning sunshines! It’s day one of PAX ’08, and Devin Coldewey and I are badged up and on the scene.

Today’s looking to be a crazy day, with just about every big league name in the gaming industry making an appearance. Bungie, Harmonix, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Rockstar, Valve, EA — the list goes on and on. Then it goes on some more. There’s the PAX Keynote with 2k Boston’s own Big Daddy, Ken Levine. Gears of War 2, Project Origin, and countless other games will be on display today — not to mention Fallout 3 tomorrow. It’s a big smorgasbord of fun, packed into a hall with 45,000+ hardcore and totally pumped-out-of-their-minds gamers

We’ll be through the doors at noon – expect the goods to start pouring in from there on out. Drop us a comment if there is anything you’re particularly dying to see.

Two more pre-pax shots after the jump.

The line of folks who already grabbed their badges, as of around 6 hours before doors open to the public.

The badge is cool and all, but holycrap-ghostbusters-lanyard.