Peek gets reviewed

The e-mail only handset Peek gets the hands-on treatment thanks to LaptopMag. The device isn’t aimed at us gadgetphiles but rather our moms and pops. Think of the device as a cell phone-less Blackberry ’cause all it knows how to do is email. The Peek is aimed at people that don’t need a full fledge smart phone but still want to be part of the Internet crowd. So how does it work? Well…

We did notice that the Peek took a bit longer than a BlackBerry to bring up a new message window and to load the menu options. However, the user interface is dead simple, and sending new messages should be a breeze for the tech-incompetent. We loved the spacious, rubberized keyboard and its tactile feedback. You should have no problem slipping the Peek into a pocket since it is, according to Peek CEO Amol Sarva, “30 percent thinner than the iPhone.”

This is, of course, not a full review but how much more do you need to know? Oh, there is a service fee of $19.95 through T-Mobile that potential buyers should tack onto the $99.95 unit price when the Peek hits Target shelves on September 15th.