FYI, None Of Us Can Go To The Google/Vanity Fair Party Tonight

From: Vanity Fair / Google
Date: August 27, 2008 9:06:32 PM PDT
To: Michael Arrington
Subject: IMPT: Google/Vanity Party Status

Thank you for your interest in the Vanity Fair / Google Party.

We have reached full capacity for this event and are unable to accommodate additional guests.

If you have NOT received a Confirmation email–separate from the automated RSVP response– and a Party admission card with your name on it, you will not be admitted to the party. No exceptions.

If you HAVE received a confirmation email but have NOT picked up your admission card, you must reference your confirmation instructions and pick up your card by 4:00pm on Thursday.

Admission cards will not be distributed at the door.

If you use the shuttle service you must have your party admission card to board. No exceptions.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Vanity Fair & Google Events team

Google and Vanity Fair took the time to email me this evening to let me know I wouldn’t be able to attend their big party tomorrow night in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. The only problem is I never asked to attend. Actually I never even heard of it until tonight. But I asked around and lots of other people are getting this email as well. Is this their way of letting everyone know that they’re holding a really cool party and hanging out with the Vanity Fair Hollywood crowd? Or just some mixup in the email list? Who knows. But suddenly I feel kind of left out.

In the future though, Google, please wait until I actually ask to get into something really cool before you kick me off the list. :-)