New Microsoft Blue Track Mouse spotted on Amazon?

Microsoft might just have a little surprise up their sleeve. First, Redmond teases, and entices, us on their hardware website with an upcoming announcement message. “9.9.08 – Say Goodbye to Lasers.” All right, oh creator of the first laser mouse, what are we going to say “Hello” to then.

Then these images were spotted on Germany’s Amazon site showing a mouse that doesn’t seem to have a laser. The tracking mechanism looks like a little blue H.A.L. but really seems to be a blue LED paired with a wide-angle lens. According to an Italian website, the new system is suppose to work on more surfaces than laser, hence Microsoft’s claim to forget the alternative tech.

More details are surely to come before the September 9th Microsoft launch. For some reason the Internet gods don’t smile upon us with leaking info, we’ll be there on the 9th, covering whatever tech Microsoft thinks will rule the world next & Blue Track explained via Engadget