Klausner Technologies adds LG and Verizon to the VVM lawsuit

Love ‘em or hate ‘em Klausner Technologies is firing up the lawyers again. The lawsuit-happy patent holding company has sued everybody from AOL to Apple and now has their sights set on Verizon and LG .

Klausner alleges that it owns all rights to the use of visual voicemail via U.S. Patent number 5,572,576. Verizon was expecting the move and filed a declaratory judgment action in New York federal court on Aug. 13.

Robin Nicol, a Verizon Wireless spokesperson, said:

We are seeking a declaration that Klausner’s visual voice mail patent is invalid and that Verizon’s system does not infringe the patent in any event.

Good luck, Verizon. Practically everybody else seems to have already settled with Klausner.