Getting European Startups Together

A big problem in Europe – and something I found out during my TechCrunch Euro Tour this Summer – is that startups have very few opportunities to meet and network. If a startup eco-system in Europe is ever really going to take off, startups need to get together more often. Silicon Valley had Mike Arrington’s back yard for BBQs. We need to find ours. Berlin is centrally located for the rest of Europe (East and West) and has a thriving startups scene right now. Get where this is heading yet?

So, after floating the idea, we’re planning to throw an evening networking event for European startups during Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin this October. To make this happen we need sponsors. If you love the idea and would like to be a sponsor of the event then please email our TechCrunch UK events organiser in London, Petra Johansson, to indicate your interest. (And if you have a suggestion of venue, or can even offer a venue, then send that to Petra as well, thanks). If you’re interested in coming to the event, then leave a comment on this post and we’ll report back when we have the venue and timing details.

Meanwhile, were also looking for sponsors for our event in London during Seedcamp (and startups who would like to book a demo table). Please contact Petra for the sponsor deals on that.