FriendFeed Releases New Set Of Customizable Widgets

FriendFeed, the social activity aggregator, has released a set of customizable widgets that will allow bloggers to make sure their readers can follow all of their activities across the web. While the site has provided some widgets in the past, this set includes some new widgets to facilitate story sharing and allows for more tweaking than was offered before.

Among the widgets offered are a new profile badge, a list of the most recent items in your feed, and a “Share on FriendFeed” chiclet that allows users to add an item to FriendFeed without leaving your site. You can grab the widgets here.

Here’s an example of the badge:

The new status widget:

The new features come only two days after FriendFeed rolled out support for photos and Friends List which have enabled the “Fake Follow“.

For more details, check out the FriendFeed blog.