Disney bringing five animated classics to Blu-ray

Disney has always been in Blu-ray’s pocket and now Mouse & Co. is bringing their 2-ton gorilla to the struggling high-def format. The media company is trying to spur consumer interest about the format with five of their classic animated films. Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 and Beauty and the Beast are now added to the queue previously occupied only by Sleeping Beauty. These titles will be coming out over the next two years and will all support BD Live.

This strategy might just work. Most AV nerds already have an interest in Blu-ray but the general consumer might not. Why should they if none of the titles watched in their home are available? Sure, new releases come out on Blu-ray but back catalogs are emerging slowly. Households with kids, mine included, will tell you that it’s a great thing that DVDs don’t wear out ’cause the favorites get played multiple times everyday, all week long.

Opening the Disney vault and bringing back the classics will force at least this father to re-purchase the catalog. Other studios should take note and expanded past the action / adventure / thriller genres back releases that are currently coming out on Blu-ray and give us some kid, and dear I say romantic, titles.

 Quick question? Would you purchase more Blu-ray titles if there were more child films available?