Scrabulous Taken Down Worldwide By Facebook (Except In India)

scrabulous.pngIn July, after Hasbro and Electronic Arts launched the official version of Scrabble on Facebook, they asked Facebook to take down Scrabulous, the competing app that started it all (and borrowed heavily from the trademarked game). Facebook complied, but left Scrabulous up in other parts of the world, where the international rights belong to Mattel. Now, in response to a request from Mattel, Facebook has taken down the game worldwide, reports the San Jose Mercury News .

The only place you can play it now is in India, the home country of the Agarwalla brothers who created Scrabulous. Although, a pending court case there may finally wipe the beloved game off the face of the earth (or, at least, the Facebook version of Earth—you can still play the game on

After Scrabulous was taken down in the U.S. and Canada, the Agarwalla brothers encouraged fans to sign up for Wordscraper, their other Facebook word game. Currently, Wordscraper has ben able to attract 249,000 monthly active users, but it trails the 371,000 monthly active users who have switched over to EA’s official version of Scrabble. Before it was shut down, Scrabulous had about 500,000 active users a day. The bulk of those users may never be claimed by either of the remaining games.