Psystar files a countersuit against Apple

Psystar is suing Apple under the Sherman Antitrust Act saying that the EULA is a form of illicit tying and restrains trade.

Psystar’s attorneys are calling Apple’s allegations of Psystar’s copyright infringement “misinformed and mischaracterized.” Psystar argues that its OpenComputer product is shipped with a fully licensed, unmodified copy of Mac OS X, and that the company has simply “leveraged open source-licensed code including Apple’s OS” to enable a PC to run the Mac operating system.

Good luck getting it to stick, boys. Don Quixote might start taking pointers from you.

Apple will have 30 days to respond to this new development. Pedraza feels his company is doing nothing wrong and they’re only offering an alternative to Apples high-priced hardware. I don’t think Pedraza understands that the hardware is where Apple makes most of its money. So they’re not going to give up that part of the business without a long, drawn-out fight.

This is probably going to end up being a test of who has the most stamina (money). Since Apple has the most to lose, I can’t see them letting this one go to long. I smell a fat settlement in Psystar’s future.