Newest PwnageTool brings iPhone 2.0.2 jailbreaking to OS X

While Windows users got a few days of exclusivity on the firmware 2.0.2 jailbreaking front with the release of QuickPwn, Mac users are now free to get in on the fun.

The iPhone Dev Team released PwnageTool 2.0.3 this morning, which should be able to crack iPhones/iPod Touches running firmware 2.0.2. It comes pre-loaded with the most recent version of the Installer beta (b6) and German language support.

While QuickPwn for Mac is still in development, they’ve released a new version of QuickPwn for Windows which includes some UI enhancements and a few bug fixes. Much love to the iPhone Dev Team.

(Oh, and it should go without mentioning: Even if it weren’t beta software, this is still hacky and relatively risky. Take precautions, follow directions, and don’t blame us if your iPhone melts.)