Muxtape Reborn, Unofficially, as OpenTape

The RIAA shut down Muxtape but that doesn’t mean its memory won’t linger on the hearts of those who must share their love of the Hold Steady with the world. Enter OpenTape, an open source package that essentially recreates the Muxtape experience on a personal level. You simply download the application, unpack it on your web server, and then upload songs. It took me about two minutes to set-up OpenTape on CrunchGear’s server and a few more minutes to upload music. Voila!

I actually applaud OpenTape for offering this tool. While it’s fairly basic, it creates hundreds, if not thousands, of targets for the RIAA and while they wrangle messily with poor Muxtape the concept will already be ubiquitous. Projects like these and OpenClip are cries for help – we want this functionality and we will take it by force if need be. Or maybe people just really like mixtapes.