College Sophomore Sells His iPhone App To Flixster

Movie focused social network Flixster acquired a popular iPhone application called (iTunes link) last week, and has re-released the application this evening. As far as we know, this is the first acquisition of an iPhone app. The price isn’t being disclosed. was created by Jeffrey Grossman, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. The application lets users find show times, watch trailers and get maps to local theaters and has been downloaded 250,000 times. Flixster has updated the app to give users full access to their database of 70,000 movies, so users will be able to look up older titles while at Blockbuster, etc. In the next version users will also be able to link their Flixter accounts to the application.

Grossman will join Flixster as an consultant while attending school. He just got a heck of a resume bump.

Flixster itself continues to do well. They’ve presumably recovered from the IAC acquisition train wreck that occurred a year ago (IAC reportedly walked away from a nearly closed deal). According to Comscore Flixster now has 6.5 million monthly visitors to its website and 13.6 million across its network (website plus Facebook and MySpace apps). They’re at about 250 million monthly page views if you include the Facebook/MySpace apps.