Solar powered emulator also charges other doodads


Here’s an example of good convergence. It’s the $169 Media Street eMotion 2GB Solar Powered Media Player and Battery Charger. Look at all those features just from the title! Not only does this little handful of sweetness play 8- and 16-bit ROMs, it also doubles as a solar charger for your other devices too.

There’s more! It plays MP3s and 320×240 MPEG4 video files. And the product description says that “it excites and relaxes your emotions in ways no other player has yet approached.” Whoa! That sounds wonderful. A quick jolt of adrenaline followed by a smooth release of natural sedatives. Mmmm. Little fluffy clouds. Mmmm.

Media Street EM-SOL2GIG eMotion 2GB Solar Powered Media Player & Battery Charger [ via BBG]