Rumor broken? Don't bother Sprint about it

Reader Mark sent us this chat he had with Sprint’s customer relations bot informing him that his broken Rumor was his problem and none of their own. The phone has been regularly borking for people for the past eight months and it seems people are trying – and failing – to get help from Sprint.

1:55:38 PM System

Connected to Sprint Web Chat Server

1:55:38 PM System

Session ID: 3165484

Connected with Frances R

1:55:53 PM Frances R

Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Frances. How may I assist you today?

1:57:23 PM Mark

well my lg rumor recently broke, as i opened the keyboard it froze and now wont turn on, i read online that there have been a lot of problems with the rumor, i dont have the sprint insurance but the phone is only 4 months old, how can i go about getting my phone fixed or replaced

1:58:08 PM Frances R

I do apologize for any inconveinece.

1:58:40 PM Frances R

Please take your phone to a Sprint Store. A technician will be able to fix your phone for a one-time fee.

1:59:25 PM Mark

i took my phone to a sprint store, the technician told me he couldnt fix the phone because it was an internal problem

2:00:00 PM Frances R

The only other option is to purchase a new phone.

2:01:26 PM Mark

so your telling me the only option i have is to pay for another phone which broke because of a phone malfunction?

2:02:04 PM Mark

you werent even going to bother to tell me i had a 1 year warranty with lg and i could send it to them?

2:02:50 PM Frances R

The warranty is only with the battery.

2:05:18 PM Mark

No it is not. I have already spoken with lg, however they informed me that it would take about 2 weeks to replace the phone and i was hoping that sprint would be able to provide me with a new phone sooner.

2:07:51 PM Frances R

I do apologize. In order to receive a new phone please contact the manufacturer.