Digg Takes Your Questions To The Conventions

Digg is adding its own twist to the whole politicians-listen-to-the-people act that every social media site is getting in on (both YouTube and Facebook co-sponsored televised presidential debates during the primaries, as MySpace is doing in September, for instance). Digg is taking questions from its members to politicians at the national political conventions at Digg Dialogg. (At least they are consistent in misspelling words that end in “g”).

The questions that get voted up the most will be presented by Digg CEO Jay Adelson to the politicians. First up is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Citizens can also submit questions in video form via CNN’s iReport, and link the video to their question.

Will the best questions filter to the top this way? Maybe. It’s certainly better than letting CNN pick the questions.

Will it make any difference in what policies the Democrats or Republicans pursue? No. These social media stunts are just about getting PR points.