Demandbase Raises $8 Million For Online Lead Generation Platform

Demandbase, a company involved with B2B sales leads, has raised $8 million in a funding round led by Sigma Partners, Adobe Systems, and Altos Ventures. In conjunction with the funding round, Demandbase is also releasing “Demandbase Central”, a platform integrating data from across the web and various databases that will be used to power some of the company’s online services.

The first two of these offerings, also announced today, are Demandbase Direct and Demandbase Stream. “Direct” allows users to manage their leads through a web interface and have them automatically distributed to their email or CRMs. “Stream” allows users to monitor passive visitors to their site and generate sales leads by analyzing incoming traffic. Demandbase says that Stream will allow companies to capitalize on the “98% of unrealized passive Web traffic” by allowing them to directly target specific visitors (Stream’s success will likely hinge on the company’s ability to accurately identify this incoming traffic).

Demandbase is notable for its pay-as-you-go services plans (as opposed to a standard subscription service).