[Updated] Soulja Boy gets a sort of special Xbox 360 themed Sidekick LX


Besides being a master lyricist with such classic lines as “Gurl B Double O-T-Y-M-E A T You Know It Dats Dat Bootymeat”, Soulja Boy also happens to be a cell phone aficionado and a super amazing gamer. Knowing this, Danger apparently sent him an otherwise unreleased Xbox 360 themed Sidekick LX, which he in turn filmed and put online. Update: And by that, of course, we mean he installed a widely available theme and pretended it was special.

Looks like Danger might be using their recent Microsoft acquisition to push out yet another limited edition handset. The only differences visible in the video are on the software end of things – a bit of 360 based graphic and sound modifications, and some sort of ancient looking Resident Evil mobile game. Unless somethings going on on the backside, the hardware is all the same — even the mood light LEDs are still blue, rather than the 360’s signature green.


Click here to check out the full video.

[Via EngadgetMobile]