Up Close With Microsoft's Photosynth: Stitch Photos Together Auto-Magically

I got to cruise over to Smith Tower yesterday to talk with Microsoft Live Labs about Photosynth, and as of this writing the site should be live and all the things we talked about will be available for you to play with. It’s best to see it in motion, so either grab that camera or watch the video above for a taste of the Synthy goodness. Sorry the sound is so bad.

The video is a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff but really there isn’t too much there you can’t see by just heading over to Photosynth.net and testing out a few synths. May I recommend my own? Or, of course, you could look at one of the many gorgeous panoramas made up by people who work at some magazine called National Geographic — whatever that is. Read on for a basic explanation of what’s going on when it “synths” stuff.

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