Pioneer PDP-LX6090 plasma wins EISA award

Pioneer’s stunning PDP-LX6090 Kuro plasma was just recognized at EISA by winning “European Plasma-TV 2008-2009.” HD enthusiests have known for a while that the Kuro line of plasma TVs are top notch and now there is a blue ribbon to prove it. The blacks are, well, black and guess about the whites. Yeah, they are white. The judges agrees. 

Thanks to an amazingly low black level – Pioneer calls it KURO – this set’s contrast ratio is sky-high. The result is an impression of immense depth and crisp detailing, to a level and quality not seen before on a plasma TV.

It’s to bad that big box stores jack up the brightness and contrast on their sets. Doing that destroys what HDTVs like this one is all about. Anyways, congrats Pioneer. You sure do know how to make one hell of a HDTV.