OpenClip framework brings cross-application copy/paste to iPhone

Not too long ago, Proximi gave iPhone users a glimpse of how copy and paste could work on their handsets with the release of MagicPad. Unfortunately, the copy and paste functionality only went as far as the limitations of Apple’s SDK allowed; while you could copy from one MagicPad document to another, you couldn’t copy from a MagicPad document to Safari. It wasn’t exactly what iPhone users were looking for, but it was the start of something awesome.

Shortly after releasing MagicPad, Proximi released a proposal video for a cross-application copy and paste system. This inspired a developer named Zac White to start OpenClip, a non-profit and open-source project aimed at putting as big of a dent in the app-to-app copy/paste problem as possible without breaking the rules of Apple’s SDK.

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