JustHackIt: It's Like a Dating Site For Hackers

Got that hacking jones, but can’t find anyone to hack with? Head on over to JustHackIt, a site aimed at developers that launched last night. It is a place for developers to find each other, work on projects, and maybe even start a company. Developers can post projects they want to do and search through postings from other hackers.

The site describes itself this way:

The idea: Outside of Silicon Valley, lots of hackers are interested in web startups but don’t have a plethora of available co-founders to start a company with. Even if you know other hackers, often there are times when you want to start a project but your friends are busy. So the idea is to connect people who want to build something RIGHT NOW. Ideas can be simple 1 page websites or complex Google competitors

It reads a bit like the personals section of Craigslist, but don’t let that turn you off. Basically, it is a bulletin board for hackers. The problem is that it is too simplistic. Once you start a project, then what? Who owns it, how are any revenues or shares in a resulting company/site divvied up?

JustHackIt doesn’t help to answer those questions.