Hidden multi-touch feature on HTC Touch Diamond?

Cool. Looks like the HTC Touch Diamond (and presumably the HTC Touch Diamond Pro) can actually do multi-touch. Apparently it’s just around the navigation buttons that the multi-touch works – not the entire screen, which seems odd. The feature is revealed when using HTC’s Nav Debug Tool but so far doesn’t have any practical use beyond simple testing. However, HTC updates its ROMs on a fairly regular basis so maybe we’ll someday see this feature come to light for normal people like you and me.

From MobileTopSoft:

Here is how it works:
* The area around the navi-wheel is actually a capacitive touch-area with multi-touch
* it may allow using finger pinching gesture and finger spreading gesture (zooming for example) and also implement 2 finger moving for panning gesture for example too.
* Not all capacitive touch-areas are multi-touch at the same time!
* You can try it for yourself at XDA-Developers NavDbgTool.exe, you must have registered account there in order to download

[via Gizmodo]