Apple Releases Software to fix Dropped Call Problems

MobileCrunch reported yesterday that complaints from around the world are reporting that the iPhone 3G is having connection troubles. Dropped calls and inconsistent Internet speeds are plaguing some iPhone users. Being quick to the draw, Apple has released a software update which may be meant to fix the problems.

T-Mobile, which has exclusive iPhone rights in some European countries, announced today that the software is available for users to download. It isn’t known if the upgrade will fix all the connection problems.

“We have had complaints about connectivity in the Netherlands but have not had more complaints than usual for a 3G phone in Germany. Our technicians said today Apple has issued a software update but it is too early to tell if the problems are solved,” a T-Mobile spokesman said.

The U.S. iPhone provider AT&T confirmed that Apple has provided a software update but hasn’t given any details about the nature of the update.

Richard Windsor, an analyst at Nomura, speculates that the dropped calls problem may be due to faulty software on an Infineon Technologies chip used in the iPhone. Infineon isn’t commenting on the iPhone’s troubles but was quick to say that its 3G chips work fine in other cell phones.