RED files infringement lawsuit against LG for "Scarlet" usage

When I heard about LG’s “Scarlet” line of HDTVs and its misleading ad campaign, the first thing I thought of was the real Scarlet and then “Is RED going to sue these mothers or what?” And so, four months later, they have. A post at the RED forums by Jim Jannard reveals that the legal gears are turning in Orange County and they’re going to be doing a little more cracking down from now on.

Now in this day and age when people sue one another over spilled drinks, one might legitimately ask whether they have reason to do this. Well, I certainly think they do; if LG were putting out a “Scarlet” mp3 player or something I’d say no, but a product for viewing HD video? RED’s already in that game and they’ve already got a product announced. And as it turns out, LG asked RED for permission, and RED said “no.” And yet, here we are. The scoundrels! [thanks for the tip, REDmaster Mike]