Polo Ralph Lauren enables mobile shopping

Polo Ralph Lauren is jumping on the mobile phone bandwagon. No, its not launching its own line of little horse branded mobile phones, instead its offering shoppers the chance to buy little horse branded clothes using a mobile phone.

While using a mobile to pay for things has been common in Japan for awhile now, the U.S. is behind on the trend. David Lauren, son of the Ralph Lauren and senior vice president of advertising for the company, told Reuters, “We recognize that in America this is going after somebody who is more comfortable with technology. The truth is that in other countries, it’s becoming a part of their culture. The trend is coming, and as a fashion company it’s very important to identify trends and get ahead of them.”

How will it work? Polo says its will place special codes in print ads, mailings and store windows. Shoppers can download software to camera-phones that will enable the handsets to scan the special codes and be directed to a phone-friendly version of a Ralph Lauren website, where they can shop, watch tennis videos and read company content.

via Reuters