Microsoft Turns Super Awesome TouchWall Into Super Snoozy PowerPoint Plugin

Remember TouchWall, the experimental Microsoft touch interface operating system we wrote about in May (here’s me playing with it)?

We’ve been trying to get Microsoft to send us a copy of the operating system so that we could build a touch interface computer the size of a wall, but they have yet to agree. Today they say the technology is still years off in terms of development. But the overall idea has inspired a new product which is being released today by Microsoft Office Labs – pptPlex.

Despite the horrible product name, some people will find this very useful. it turns PowerPoint into a more dynamic presentation tool that breaks away from the slide mentality to allow the presenter to zoom in and out of areas. No more worrying about whether or not a bit of text will be large enough to read when projected on a wall. You can simply zoom in on it.

A video overview is below: