GotApps Brings Alerts To Apple's App Store

One of the biggest problems with Apple’s still-fledgling App Store is that there’s no efficient way to sift through new applications. While users can view a list of the most recently uploaded apps, the list can be overwhelming and unorganized. Most users rely on the “Top Apps” lists, which do seem to change often, but these tend to consist mainly of games and “fun” apps that aren’t particularly useful.

GotApps, a simple site that launched earlier this week, is offering users an alert system for the App Store that hopes to streamline the application discovery process. Instead of manually searching, users can enter a number of keywords and categories they would like to receive notifications for. Then, every hour, the site searches through the titles and descriptions of the most recently uploaded apps, and sends an Email whenever it gets a match. Of course, keyword searching only helps if you know what you’re looking for, so users looking to find the best new applications without anything specific in mind will need to look elsewhere.

The site relies on a set of RSS feeds provided by Pinch Media, a company that offers services for iPhone app developers.