Averatec to sell rebranded MSI Wind in September


Remember Averatec? I sure do. I’ve owned two Averatec computers. One when the company used to be Sotec and another when it used to be Averatec. Now it’s sort of called TriGem, but sometimes called Averatec. Something like that.

Anyhoo, Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine spoke with Averatec’s marketing director and found out that Averatec and MSI are in cahoots. It turns out that Averatec will be selling what’s basically an MSI Wind under the Averatec brand name. The netbook will be similarly configured to the Wind except that Averatec is considering bumping the hard drive from 80GB to 160GB, dropping the Bluetooth (whaaaey?), and only offering it with a three-cell battery. Production will start in the coming weeks and we’ll likely see these things for sale in the middle of September for between $400 and $500.