Microsoft Media Center TV Pack gets official

The latest upgrade to WMC, codename Fiji, is finally official. We’ll try not to harp on Microsoft to bad about the Windows Media Center TV Pack, but honestly, that’s kind of hard as the pack isn’t what it was suppose to be. Missing is the DirecTV and H.264 video compression support. More importantly though, the good folks at Redmond choose not to allow home theater PC enthusiasts install the upgrade themselves, rather opting to send packs only to OEMs.

We should point out though, that as promised, Fiji does add support for international standards such as ISDB-T, DVB-S, and DVB-T along with the US ClearQAM system. Microsoft sent out the upgrade to said OEMs mid-July but there is no telling when it will be in the builder’s new systems. We just wish that we could tell current HTPC that they too could enjoy the new features soon, but we’re sure the guys at Microsoft have a good reason why they won’t be able too at all.

[The Green Button via EngadgetHD]