Elevator Pitch Friday: InChairTV (Movies At The Dentist's)

It’s Friday, that means we highlight an Elevator Pitch and let TechCrunch readers praise it or tear it apart. This week’s pitch comes from InChairTV , a startup that brings cinema-display glasses into the dentist’s office to distract patients (and show them ads for dental products!).

I like the washed out I’m-from-the-future effect on the video, and the CEO sneaks the product in by wearing the glasses. The idea itself isn’t new. It reminds me of a company from the mid-1990s called Virtual i-O, which was going after the videogame console market. But, as I once noted in Fortune:

Surprisingly the company’s first customers were dentists. Thousands use the video goggles to distract patients with movies (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone?) while drilling their molars.

Virtual i-O disappeared, but maybe it was just too early. I love it that more than decade later, another startup is trying all over again with the same market-entry strategy (and hopefully, much better glasses). Here’s the pitch: