Should we have a TechCrunch party in Berlin at Web 2 Expo?

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I have been kicking the idea around with a few people (mainly in conjunction with Andrew Scott, CEO of Rummble who knows Berlin well, and had an idea for a startups party a while ago) about having a TechCrunch party in Berlin during Web 2.0 Expo. Nothing very “official”, but the idea is to have the party aimed just at startup tech companies in Europe. A big problem in Europe – and something I found out during my TechCrunch Euro Tour this Summer – is that startups here have very few opportunities to meet and network. The few events we can hang out together are usually at expensive conferences. I think that a startup eco-system in Europe is never really going to take off that way, so we need to lower the barriers a bit and let people network more informally.

So here’s a poll to find out how much interest there is in the idea. Right now we just need a date, but if there is enough interest we’ll approach sponsors. If you love the idea and would like to be a sponsor of the party then please email our events organiser in London, Petra Johansson to indicate your interest. (And if you have a suggestion of venue, or can even offer a venue, then send that to Petra as well).

Thanks for your input!

  • Tobias

    Hi Mike
    I like the idea of a TechCrunch Party,
    but you absolutely need to add Barcamp Berlin 3 to that voting list ;-)
    It´s on Oct. 18th-19th, with evening event on Friday and Saturday. is the link.

    all the best,

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  • Dominik

    As I’ve told you already, I love the idea. Looking forward to it.

  • Hermione

    So how would it work? Will you have to pay to get in? Free booze? Live music? Will it be the usual techy bloke crowd only or can girls go free to address the balance?:)

  • Andrew J Scott

    Gentle prod: If anyone votes for Sunday night then clearly they don’t know how to party as I cant think of a worse day to have a clubnight/party until the early hours of a Monday morning before work..?!

    Read this five times before voting:
    “Monday Tuesday Wednesday are not the dates we’re looking for … I should vote for Thursday … Move along …”


  • nick halstead


    sent from: [FID1077986]

  • Lloyd Davis

    The Girl Geek Dinner last year during the expo worked well at the newthinking store, Tucholssky Str. as far as I remember. depends on what sort of facilities you want and the scale you’re expecting.

  • Ben Godfrey

    Yay! More TC drinking.

  • Mike Butcher

    @Hermione – Booze and music, yes. Girls are allowed. ;-)

  • Alberto Nardelli

    Sounds awesome. TC takes Berlin :)
    @andrew – makes sense ;) My vote has been cast for the Thursday.

  • Jennifer Pahlka

    Hi Mike, I’m the co-chair of the Expo and you should definitely have a party! We can sort out which night would work best. There is a conference party planned, put together by Berlin Partner, but i’m blanking on which night at the moment. You could probably cosponsor that, or feel free to do your own party, but do us a favor and don’t conflict with Ignite, which will be one of the nights. Email me and I’ll find the existing schedule in the meantime.

  • Janerri

    Hey Mike. DO IT. Let’s work together!

    I also support a Girls Geek Dinner. Events galor will make Berlin rock!

    Yah Europe!

    ~ Janetti Chon
    Community Manager
    Web 2.0 Expo

  • Ian Forrester

    Yep the girl geekdinner Berlin was great and a nice venue.

    You should have a world with the one and only Nicole Simon, she’ll be able to help make the event work. Also tinythoughts (twitter) who lives and works in Berlin

  • Dania

    Great idea Mike, I’m in :)

  • Nicole Simon

    I am sure people would love to have another TC event in Berlin and it would be great to bring a startup centric event in the mix.

    The “table of parties eh events” will be soon up on Berlin Partners and I think we should put up the TC event there as well, even if it is preliminary. ;))

  • Maz Nadjm

    What a great idea. I will be there and look forward to it already.

  • Ronna Porter

    I’d be interested, and will go with the flow on dates, but prefer week rather than weekend.

  • hermione

    so is it happening or not?!

    herm x

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