How Much Will Your Startup Be Worth In Three Years? Go Find Out.

See our review of the YouNoodle startup valuation predictor from a couple of days ago (as well as our skeptical post from earlier this year). The product just came out of private beta. Look for a tab in the top right corner of the site called “startup predictor”, or just click on and fill in the questionnaire.

The company, which is funded by The Founders Fund, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, uses detailed data about startups and a proprietary algorithm to make a guess on the likelihood of success of a startup. They even go so far as to estimate the value of the company three years out.

The key factors in determining likelihood of success are the team, financial factors, the concept and advisors. The tool wants to know everything. For the founders, their age, education, previous startups (and how they did), and their long term relationship to the other founders. For the concept, YouNoodle gathers information on the business idea (probably extracting keywords for analysis), where it’s located, and lots of other data.

See our previous post for valuation predictions for a few high profile startups like Slide, RockYou, Twitter, FriendFeed, Cuill and Mahalo. Then cast your aspersions appropriately. The most interesting and insightful (or just plain funny) commenters get a TechCrunch tshirt in the size of their choice.