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I think I’ve found my TechHub. If ever there was a former industrial town in the North of England that had an opportunity to rebrand for the digital age, it’s Goole. Just the addition of the humble letter ‘g’ might well bring hordes of nerdy looking young men and women flocking around its Victorian era clock, marvelling at its old water tower and spinning out startups with 20% of their time. (Ok, normal service will now be resumed… thanks to Imran Ali for the link).

  • Sabrina

    You know, while there’s a chance it’s a really lovely and quaint town, I can’t help thinking that anything stuck between Manchester and Grimsby must be where hope (and start-ups) go to die.

  • The Daily Networker » Blog Archive » Rebranding Digital Britain (and other Gooleish ideas)

    […] Over on TechCrunch UK, the excellent Mike Butcher is wondering whether he has stumbled upon the ultimate location for a TechHub for the UK;  Goole.  With the addition of just one letter (in this case, G), this Yorkshire town could be transformed forever.  […]

  • Martin Owen

    Even when you Google “Goole” you still get Google. I think starting up in London increases your costs and does indicate a lack of prudence. We have a train service in the UK (just) and getting to London is ok. If you Google “Goole economic development” you find good news for start ups

    Goole Business Centre was purchased from Boothferry Council in 1998. The centre underwent extensive refurbishment to provide suitable office accommodation for new and fledgling businesses.

    Purpose: To provide good quality, purpose built office and workshop accommodation with excellent on-site facilities.
    Location: The offices are located in the centre of Goole close to the Library and Leisure Centre. Parking is limited but there is a free car park 2 minutes walk away
    Units range from 73sq ft to 267sq ft and are available on `easy-in, easy-out` terms at reasonable cost and are suited to small and starter businesses.
    Be Part of a Dynamic Environment: Our Business Centre occupants share a stimulating and friendly professional business environment with a small number of other dynamic companies. This gives the advantage of the collegiate support available within large corporations and allows excellent networking opportunities.

    Enjoy Short-Term Flexibility: In uncertain times it is particularly important to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Licensees can can expand or contract within a building without penalty and still keep the same address and telephone numbers, use the facilities of another centre in the portfolio (subject to availability) or move out, without further costs, after giving one months notice.

    Conference Facilities: The conference room will comfortably seat 10 people (max 12). The Provision of a data point connection, OHP, Flipchart, Television and Video is included within the hire charges and refreshments can be arranged upon request

    …. but I think I will stay in Wales where it is even better…

  • Carol Ferndale

    Imran has really started something here.

    Yes, I reckon Goole should really go for it.

    And how might the lovely city of Hull be rebranded? When I lived there it was jokingly called “Dull”, but actually wasn’t.

  • Imran Ali

    @Sabrina I’m afraid your ignorance betrays you. Let me help with that…

    – Two of the largest dotcom exits in the UK originated from Leeds (Freeserve) and Sheffield (Plusnet). Companies such as Ananova, Sportal and Energis also originated from the region.

    – Manchester is the birthplace of the world’s first stored-program computer – the ‘Baby’ and also home to the UK’s only Google office outside London.

    – There are 40-50 startups located along the M62 corridor between Liverpool and Hull.

    Sure, it’s not London. London is our capital and a truly global hub for commerce and creativity…but there are other interesting hotspots around the UK and I’m happy to be disavowing you of your mistaken view of the region :)

  • Tom Smith
  • Jon Moss

    He he, an excellent post! We rebranded Goole last year…

    • Jon Moss

      Oops, link here

      Goole - rebranded

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