Eeexquisite, sub-1"-thick Eee S101 cradled by Asus CEO

The “exquisite,” “elite,” “extreme slim” Eee model, the S101 (as seen in the pyramid o’ Eee) has been caught in the wild. I think I’ll let the Google translation do the talking:

ASUS held on the 6th of that meeting, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen Xue on Apple with a paper bag containing Eee PC S101, the imminent end of a sudden display market, the law says that it will become the climax. This Taiwan Eee PC S101 works with samples such as Apple Mac Air’s ultra-thin body, piano paint thickness of only 16 ~ 25mm, the main boutique market.
It is understood, S101 will adopt 10.2-inch LCD screen, processors still use Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz/512KB L2/533MHz FSB) match 945 GME chipset, will have 32 GB and 64 GB SSD configurations, priced at $ 699 and $ 899 U.S. dollars, is expected to Listed in mid-September.

The climax!

[via Tech Report]