Wikia Evolution To Help Suck Search Data From Google, Yahoo

Wikia Search, the human edited search engine which we trashed at launch, continues to make incremental improvements (and thankfully they’ve turned down the “This is a Google-killer” hype machine).

Today they did something really smart – they released a Firefox Add-on that lets users add search data without going back to the Wikia Search site itself. That lets casual users who want to contribute to the project to do so with less effort, meaning they may contribute far more data.

The toolbar also alters search results pages from Google and Yahoo (sorry, Microsoft, you didn’t make the cut) and adds a rating widget and an Add button next to each result. Again, this makes it super easy for Wikia Search users to improve the project’s data without actually visiting the site.

Overall Wikia Search is starting to look like a real search engine, with decent results for a lot of queries. They’ve made a lot of progress in the last few months.