MSI Wind "Love Edition" looks lovey, supports charity

MSI, most recently reviled by us for essentially pulling a bait-and-switch earlier this month, is perhaps hoping to regain some of the credibility it lost when it raised the price of its tiny notebook by $50 after the fact. Quick, kiss some babies!

Recognizing our corporate social responsibility, MSI Notebook is taking the initiative to launch the “Love with the Wind” global charity program. This will take the form of charity donations in Taiwan, China, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Korea and India to give poor children a chance to learn how to use computers.

Sounds good to me, charity is always nice, but considering the level of responsibility they demonstrated earlier, I’d like to take a good look at just how much of my purchase is going towards actually helping needy children. Call me cynical, but I do occasionally question corporations’ motives when they make moves like these.