Glasses Direct gets a new CEO – but will it help?

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Following his announcement in March that he was moving on to become executive chairman and thus search for a new CEO, Glasses Direct founder Jamie Murrey Wells has found one. The new guy is outgoing UK MD Kevin Cornils.

Glasses Direct is about to embark on some more marketing and a site relaunch but will it be enough to stop the copy-cat services which abound out there, most of which aim at the cheapest end of the market? There is, and, to name just a few. It seems unusual that Murray Wells, who is only in his early 20s, is stepping aside at this point, but [ok, cheap shot warning] perhaps his social life is fairly hectic these days.

  • Jamie Murray Wells

    Since when did techcrunch become a gossip column? Ok I’ll go along with this… you’re right…. I admit.. all I’ve done since starting Glasses Direct is party so much that now I can’t actually remember why I started the company in the first place :-)

    • Samuel Babarinde

      Hi Jamie, it is great hearing about your company. You have done a good job. so what would you be getting up to now that you have retired?

  • Lord Mucky

    Mike if you had a chance to road test the future queen would you care about updating your part-time website project. Good effort Murray-Wells, keep on raising the pole for queen and country. I am sure Kevin will do a sterling job holding the fort.

  • Shak

    This made me laugh, Jamie is a smart chappie who knows when it’s time to grow the business, and believe it or not but Kevin C is quite a party animal himself, so should be a good double act to watch …

  • Myopic dot-commer

    And if Kevin Cornils thinks it’s got potential, it must have.


    However, our Kev is right to leave because over the next five years the ad networks are going to suffer hugely, as the online publishers build out their own networks both indiviudally and collaboratively and the networks are left with all the low-value, crap-brand inventory that only advertisers of smileys want to buy (oh, and casinos).

  • wildirishguy

    no stamina – these young people today I ask you!

  • Blind Beggar

    I prefer contacts myself.

  • Lee

    Have you seen Jamie Murray Well’s girlfriend, Michelle Dewberry lately? GORGEOUS!!!!

    If I had a girlfriend like that, I think I would be focusing on my social life too!!

    But seriously, good brand and im sure Kevin will help take it great places.

  • DB

    Good luck to him

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