ToAnswer: Twitter Meets Yahoo Answers

One of the ways people use Twitter is to ask a question to a large group of people at once: “Does anyone know a good recipe for Lobster Bisque?” “What are the best games for a four-year-old’s pirate birthday party?” “What is the best tech conference to attend this year?”

Whether or not you get a good answer depends on how many people are following you and how smart they are. It’s not like Yahoo Answers where there are millions of people coming to look for and answer each other’s questions. But what if you could combine the two: ask questions via Twitter and find answers via a dedicated Website?

That’s what ToAnswer is. It’s the project of Chuck Harmston, a lone Web designer in Mesa, Arizona. (So try not to pound on it too much). You ask questions by sending a Tweet to @toask, and then anyone can answer the questions on the site. Now, if only the service would Twitter you back every time somebody offers an answer, then I’d be impressed.