Six new Apple patents published: MacBook design, iPod stand, speech…

Today the US Patent & Trademark Office released into the public six recently granted patents for Apple . We’re all pretty familiar with the MacBook design by now, but some of the other things might not look so familiar.

The six new patents for Mac are:

Stand/Dock for the Apple iPhone. Originally filed in September 2007.

Computing Device
MacBook design. Originally filed in October 2007.

Electronic Device Holder
iPod lanyard/earbud assembly. Originally filed in March 2007.

Method and Apparatus for Backlighting a Device
Specific light distribution in relation to a keyboard. Originally filed in June 2005.

Data-Driven Global Boundary Optimization
Text-to-speech synthesis. Originally filed in October 2003.

Circuits and Methods for Amplifying Signals
Power supply compensation circuit in class D modulators. Originally filed for in June 2006.

Check out macnn for a nice round up with pictures of all the granted patents.