Doof re-launches – but that name…

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Casual social games startup doof has re-laiunched and now offers over 100 games, more social networking features, more competitions and a members club. We wrote about London-based Doof, which is backed by the The Money Gaming Corporation Ltd, last November. However, I see one problem for this startup’s international expansion. Exhorting people to “Become a Doofstar!” probably won’t play that well in the States. But what do I know? At least they have the sense to turn their games into embeddable widgets with extends distribution.

Update: Doof contacts me to say “We now have over 800,000 members – and will cross the 1 million mark before end of summer. (40% of members from USA).” So that’s me told.

  • David

    Doof in german = dumb/silly/foolish. Goodbye international expansion. Doofstar? sic.

  • Robleh

    They should nab to get ready for their American launch.

  • Robin Wauters

    ‘Doof’ the way it’s pronounced in English actually means ‘fart’ in Flanders. Just saying.

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