Jobvite Cherry Picks Yahoo AMP Director of Engineering

Adam Hyder, Yahoo’s Senior Director of Engineering for its Advertising Management Platform (AMP), has joined the flood of recent departures from the search giant in hopes of greener pastures. Hyder has joined Jobvite, an online recruiting service, as the company’s CTO.

Last month, Jobvite hired Yahoo HotJobs boss Dan Finnigan as its CEO. It’s likely that Finnigan had something to do with Hyder’s choice of relocation – the two worked together at HotJobs before Hyder moved to AMP.

The loss to Yahoo’s AMP platform is significant – the service was only announced in April, and has yet to launch (it is supposed to launch some time this summer). AMP is supposed to “help marketers buy across search, display, local, mobile, and video inventory – all from a single, integrated interface.” During the Yahoo conference call last June, the company said that AMP would be available within a week. Six weeks later, the platform’s homepage still displays a teaser trailer. We haven’t heard what the status of the AMP platform is at this point, but it’s never a good sign when your Director of Engineering jumps ship weeks (or less) before release.