Meet The TechCrunch Summer Interns

Summer is a great time at TechCrunch – a flood of smart, enthusiastic and, best of all, cheap labor flows into our office (my house in Atherton), and stuff just starts getting done. And since my house is overrun with these bright and cheery young faces who are just so ridiculously enthusiastic about everything, I bail for most of the summer to the San Juan islands in Washington.

We use interns all year, and started a full time summer program in 2007. Two of last year’s interns are now full time with us (Mark Hendrickson and Dan Kimerling).

This summer, we welcomed Cameron Christoffers (Stanford), Rob Olson (UC Irvine), Peter Sauer (Grand Valley State) and Matthew Schulz (Indiana) to TechCrunch.

These guys are absolutely amazing – they happily do anything we ask them to do, from research and writing to getting Chipotle for the office. The only hard part is saying goodbye to them at the end of the summer. Or watching Facebook pick them off as they hire everyone in sight.