Fuji let loose some new cameras today. Maybe.

Fuji is updating their entry-level point and shoot digital camera line with four new J-series models: Fuji J150w, J110w, J100, J15, and J12. According to the rumors, they were up at the Fuji Canada site, but if they were, they ain’t now. We do however have some supposed specs, and the prices are said to range from $139 to $199.

Three of the cam’s feature 10MP sensors and 5x optical zoom lens. The J150w, J110w, J100 vary otherwise by room range and LCD screen size. With the price range being so close, zoom lens is going to be your main consideration.

The other end of the J-spectrum features two entries, the J15 and the J12, both with 8MP sensor and 3x optical zoom. Smaller zooms and screen sizes round out these lower end entry-level cameras.

Also being thrown about is the advanced compact F60fd. It hasn’t shown up on the Fuji site either, however it does appear to be available for $299. The camera features a 12 MP sensor and 3x optical zoom. More feature packed than the others, it incorporates Fuji’s face detection technology and is capable of ISO 3200 sensitivity.