Logitech is set to develop instruments for Guitar Hero World Tour

Today Activision announced that they plan to collaborate with Logitech to develop “premium” instruments for the new Guitar Hero game. Supposedly the new instruments will be compatible with all the new features found in “World Tour”. Charles Huang, VP of business development for RedOctane said:

“With Logitech, we know we have found the right partner who can deliver top-quality premium hardware that consumers have come to expect from Guitar Hero.”

I think someone (cough — Charles) likes to toot their own horn. Top-quality hardware is not what I expect from Guitar Hero . What I expect is a cheap plastic guitar to rock out on and then break after a few months of playing.

I couldn’t find any pictures of the designs Logitech plans to create, but as soon as I do, expect to find them here. I imagine the guitar will be silver and black, like everything else Logitech makes.