Why True Knowledge pisses on Cuil – Those pictures in full

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Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. And the cool thing about Cuil (and when I say cool I mean “funny”), is that it keeps getting the pictures wrong. As The Register has pointed out (note: not suitable for work), Cuil’s attempts to associate pictures with search results are getting “cuiler” by the minute.

Meanwhile, from the screen grabs I’ve been passed from True Knowledge’s private beta (they just announced more funding btw), their search results are way beyond even the kind of thing you’d expect from Google.

So to recap. Here’s Cuil’s attempt to find me:

And here’s True Knowledge’s answer for “Who was US president when Barack Obama was a teenager?”

Enough said.

  • http://www.winston.com/dbaillieu Danvers Baillieu

    Surprised that Cuil didn’t return a photo of Frank Butcher… I “cuiled” myself and got a picture of a heap of rubbish. Nice.

  • Matt

    $33m vs £600k funding…

    Someone’s head is going to be on the block at cuil this morning!

  • http://www.newscred.com Shafqat

    Incredible that they got so much PR for such crap. At least they replaced your photo with a real James Bond-type…

  • http://www.localdatacompany.com Scott Jones

    Sorry but they’re both dire.

  • http://funchforlunch.com Matthew Rudy

    Why are we talking about it?
    Why did the BBC give them an article on their technology page?
    It’s rubbish!

    Let’s stop buying their PR bull-jobby.

  • http://www.chrisfleming.org Chris Fleming

    Cuil seem to be be getting lots of publicity, but I’ve not found it to be very good.

    For example looking for a site I care about, (and know what queries people run to find it) I ran bed and breakfast cranbrook kent through Cuil. No results. (The same search on google returns 11 000 results)

    I trimmed this down to bed and breakfast, lots of US results, and some weird category choices in the category selection. (Three town in Dorset, Provinces and Territories of Canada) But no way of getting to the location I want.

    I may be missing something but for me Cuil is very much more Crap than Cool.

    • http://www.ralphlauren-poloshirts.co.uk ralph shirts

      Amazingly awesome list. I have been giving it some rep on twitter as well as some floats! Cheers,

  • http://blog.jedchristiansen.com/2008/07/30/true-knowledge-free-invites-to-a-different-kind-of-search/ True Knowledge - Free invites to a different kind of search | blog.jedchristiansen.com

    […] You can read press about them here and here. […]

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